meta meme

Make funny video & image memes

Meta Meme lets you make impressive videos, pics and memes. Your instagram page will gain tons of followers. Your friends will be amazed. Meta Meme gives you cutting edge video and image editing tools at your fingertips. Track faces and objects, discover lots of premium templates, and add infinite labels and images. Download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Giphy and more to make the funniest videos, pics and memes.


  • Make video or image memes
  • Use videos from your video album
  • Use videos/gifs from Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit or Giphy
  • Trim the video start and end time
  • Export HD quality memes


  • Multi-image templates! Vertical side by side, horizontal side by side, 4 images in a square, and more!
  • FREE Templates: Text based, Advice Animal, Top and Bottom Text, Bottom Text Only
  • Premium Templates: Is This a Pigeon, Drake, Expanding Brain, Distracted Boyfriend, Nut Button, Last Exit, Night Mode


  • Resize, crop and reposition the meme video or image
  • Choose from dozens of fonts for your caption
  • Browse our Memes Library with hundreds of images


  • Add your own watermark, customize font size and color
  • Add an image or text watermark -- use your logo as a watermark!
  • Rotate and resize the watermark

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